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How The Enterprise Saved Christmas... by celticarchie

...and/or any other Winter Soltice festivals. :D

“Captain... I believe I've picked up some kind of distress call.” Uhura said.

Kirk whirled his chair around to her. “Can you be more specific Lieutenant?”

Uhura frowned. “I'm afraid not sir. It was only a partial signal, but I'm sure I recognised the standard distress protocol.”

Kirk turned to Spock. “Mister Spock, full scan. Co-ordinate with communications, lets see if we can locate this signal.”

Spock and Uhura worked together for several minutes until Uhura reached to touch her earpiece. “I have it Mister Spock, on a narrow band frequency. It's only a beacon, no message.”

Spock adjusted his viewer, taking a glance the blue glow casting a band across his eyes. “Confirmed. Triangulating co-ordinates. It appears to be a small ship Captain, approximately 25.12 light-years away. We are to distant to get specific details, but indications suggest a vessel without power and adrift.”

Kirk sat up in his chair. “Very well, Mister Chekov lay in a course for that ship. Mister Sulu, engage when ready.”

“Aye Keptin, setting course for co-ordinates provided by Mister Spock.” Chekov confirmed, as he and Sulu worked as one unit bring the Enterprise to a new heading.

* * *

The Enterprise came out of warp in an isolated part of deep space, whoever had sent the fragmentary distress call had been keeping out of the normal commercial space lanes. Kirk wondered whether this was by accident or design, as the craft came into view, a Versitron Class J, civilian ship. It was unlike any Kirk had seen before, the hull of this one was a bright red, patterned with an rich gold and the nacelles were while with a red spiral stripe around them.

“That's an interesting paint job.” Sulu commented.

Kirk got up from his seat and walked of to the turbo-lift. “Mister Spock, you're with me. Uhura have Doctor McCoy meet us in the transporter room. You have the conn...” he paused “...keep an eye on long-range sensors, this area pretty remote but I don't want to take any chances.”

They met up with Doctor McCoy in the transporter room, where the technician on duty was handing them breathing devices. “Scans indicate a noxious combination over there Captain. I'm beaming over a filtration device with you, but it'll be best to breathe through these to start with.”

“Thank you chief,” Kirk took and fitted his as he took his place on one of the pads. “energize when ready.”

“Spock, did you get any life readings from those scans of yours?” McCoy asked.

“Feint, indeterminate readings Doctor.” Spock replied, taking his place on a pad and adjusting his tricorder to begin scanning once they successfully completed transport.

Moments later, the familiar feeling of pins and needles, the momentary sense of being in the transporter room, but also in a poorly lit smoke filled control room.

The control room was standard Federation design, but from what Kirk could tell through the smoke, heavily decorated.

“Jim!” McCoy spoke, he'd seen a figure lying on the floor, as the smoke cleared, they could tell he'd been sitting in a control chair, but had fallen from it once he'd lost consciousness.

McCoy knelt beside the man, taking readings from a monitor and checking the results on his tricorder. “He's alive, barely. We have to get him back to the Enterprise, there isn't much I can do for him here.” he flipped open his communicator. “McCoy to Enterprise two to beam directly to sickbay.”

Kirk turned to Spock. “Let's find out what caused the ship to lose power. Spock, if you could access the computer I'll check the engine room.”

As Kirk left Spock sat in one of the control chairs and activated a sequence of controls. Nothing happened, he rose an eyebrow and tried again, this time adding a vocal command. “Computer, run a Level 1 diagnostic of all systems.”

Again there was nothing. “Computer?” Spock asked tentatively, adjusting another control.

On one of the screens a glowing red dot appear, it pulsed in time to the voice. “I'm sorry, are you talking to me? I'm afraid I don't respond to 'computer', it's my function but it's not my name.”

Spock gave the computer console a blank expression, also known as a the Vulcan expression of surprise. “My apologies, I am Spock. What is your name?”

“I'm Rudolph 9000.”

* * *

Later McCoy walked into the briefing room where Spock and Kirk were meeting with the rest of the senior staff. “Well Jim, I've got him stable, but I'm getting some odd readings from him.”

“How so Doctor?” Kirk asked.

“I expect to see some evidence of health problems due to the man's weight and age, but all my instruments read him to be in perfect health, aside from a concussion, smoke inhalation and a few bruises from, I assume, being banged around the control room of his ship.” McCoy explained, taking a seat.

Kirk nodded. “From what we can tell, his ship encountered an unusual pocket of space while at warp speed. It knocked the ship out of warp, reset the computer and caused a leak in the warp plasma coolant system. Scotty has a team over there now seeing to repairs. Mister Spock has some information regarding our guest.”

They all turned to Spock, who entered a data tape into the computer. On the tri-screen monitor in the centre of the briefing table the face of the man in sickbay appeared. Round faced, white haired with a full bushy beard, he seemed to be in his sixties, with permanent red cheeks, as if he spent a lot of time outdoors in a cold environment. “This is independent trader Nicholas Klaus. According to the information a retrieved from Rudolph...”

Kirk blinked. “Excuse me Spock, there was only one crew member on the craft. Who is Rudolph?”

“The ship's computer, Rudolph 9000. I apologize captain, I should have explained, the computer refused to respond to anything other from Rudolph 9000.” Spock said, then continued. “...Mister Klaus is a licensed asteroid/planetoid prospector, who six months ago struck a lucrative vein of dilithium.”

“So what's he doing out here Mister Spock? This is a pretty empty part of space.” Scotty asked.

“Two weeks ago, Mister Klaus made a considerable withdrawal from his funds all in Federation credits, with which he purchased a verity of cargo and then set course for the colony world of Yulogon II... specifically a Children's Hospital and Orphanage located on the planet.” Spock concluded.

Uhura let out a giggle. Kirk shared a look with McCoy and then glanced around at the rest of his command staff, all of which shared the same knowing smile and glint in their eyes.

“Bones, could it be...?” Kirk asked.

“He does fit the profile Jim.”

Spock looked back and forth between them. “This appears to be a human joke that I don't understand.”

“He's Father Christmas, Mister Spock!” Scotty said.

“Santa Claus.” Kirk added.

“Old Saint Nick.” McCoy chipped in.

Kirk went on to explain for their Vulcan friend. “An old Earth... legend, Mister Spock. It tells of a magical character who would once a year on Christmas Eve leave gifts under a tree that was brought into the house during the middle of winter.”

Spock raised an eyebrow.

Kirk turned to his crew. “Scotty, can we bring Mister Klaus' craft into the hanger bay?”

“Might be a tight squeeze, but I can't see why not.” Scotty said.

“Very well, co-ordinate with Mister Spock and do so. Chekov, Sulu set a course for Yulogon II we are going to assume Mister Klaus' mission.”

* * *

Later the Enterprise was in orbit of Yulogon II. Spock and McCoy met Kirk on the hanger deck.

“Jim are you sure about this?” McCoy asked, tugging a the brightly coloured tights he'd forced himself into.

“I assure you Doctor, this attire is appropriate for the season.” Next to him stood Spock, similarly dress in an 'elf' costume.

Kirk stood before them dressed in shiny black boots with golden buckles, bright red trousers and a big coat with fluffy white fur trim. He also looked to have put on weight, thanks to a padded under-suit, and was sporting a curly white beard and wig.

“Bones you've gotta get into the spirit of the thing!” Kirk beamed, then he noticed other crew members arriving. Nyota Uhura, Helen Noel and Christine Chapel in short dresses in a similar red with white fur trim to Kirk's Santa outfit, Chekov and Sulu were dressed as elves and Scotty turned up as a snowman.

Kirk smiled and ushered them all aboard Nicholas Klaus ship... The Sleigh!

* * *

In sickbay... it was the night before Christmas, and nothing was stirring, not even a tribble... but the nurse on duty thought she could hear a feint noise coming from one of the beds...

“Ho-ho-ho...” Santa Clause 


Enterprise by Santa's Elf: :iconthefirstfleet:

Background (somewhere in here):…

Story by my Christmas addled brain. ;P


United Kingdom
I, Trekkie.

If you've got this far it's no surprise that I'm a Trekkie. I saw Star Wars when I was around four and that was it, anything with space ships, laser guns and swords and sorcery that came my way I devoured. Of course, Star Trek, wasn't far behind and it was my Mum who got me to watch Star Trek saying I'd like Mr. Spock.

So Star Trek was present in my childhood, but it wasn't until I was about 12 that I really got into Trek in a big way. I burned myself in an accident a few days into what was an extended two week holiday from school. So it was a trip down to the hospital, and after that I got spoiled :D for the two week holiday and part of that was renting Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 1), and that was it. After that everything I had to have was Star Trek, and it didn't matter which generation it was.

At the moment I am in very much a Star Trek phase, although I do other artwork which I may post here at a later date when I've organised it. The Star Trek phase I'm in at the moment I think is due to a number of things, my obsession with creating characters with Daz's Victoria & Michael 4, the increasing amount of stuff available for Star Trek art, sets, props, uniforms etc., and my writing of my own fan fiction Star Trek Caliburn.

Writing is something I want to get back into, so hopefully my blog here will start filling up with some articles and essays, in a effort to kick-start my story writing again.


You're on an important colonization mission, responsible for over 3,000 lives. Upon picking up weak distorted signal, do you:? 

27 deviants said Send a probe to investigate the signal & notify your home base. :)
6 deviants said Stay on mission! :D
2 deviants said Bend to the curiousity of your whiney crew & divert the mission to investigate the signal. :|



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