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I got tagged by :iconmylochka:

1. you must post the rules
2. Each person must share 10 things about them
3. Answer 10 questions in your journal and create 10 questions for the people you tag to answer (I'm doing this in a separate journal entry)
4. Choose 10 people and put their icons in your Journal (I'm doing this in a separate journal entry)
5. Go to their page and inform them they were tagged
6. You have to legitimately tag 10 people (I'm doing this in a separate journal entry)
7. If you can't make the rule up as you go along, then what's the point?
1. Let's start with some healthy self-promotion -- What is your favorite picture (by you, of course) in your gallery?

I really cannot pick just one. Tongue Smiley  My group crew portraits come to mind as the process in making them complicated enough it's a wonder they turn out as good as they do.  My individual crews/characters because I just love making characters.  The starship ones I've chosen because friends have commented on them, and I get a kick when I do a picture of a starship they haven't been that keen on, but the like it in my picture. Of course, my character Amy and Robyn, I love this two because they have evolved from what I initially though of them, into characters in their own right, with in a sense their own lives.

Crew Of The Indefatigable by celticarchie Excalibur Crew Picture by celticarchie Star Trek Caliburn - The Lower Decks by celticarchie Archaeologist and Botanist by celticarchie Tholian Escort by celticarchie Flirting On Mission-Remastered by celticarchie A Titan's Odyssey by celticarchie Dilithium Hunting by celticarchie Star Trek The Next Generation by celticarchie A Walk In The Country 1 by celticarchie

2. Since turnabout is fair play, now what is your favorite picture by me from my gallery?

How can I pick just one from :iconmylochka:'s locker, Heart  love her Seven of Nine, Helen Noel and I love how she can take an alien race from Star Trek that I dismissed as a cheesey allegory and make me go...'oh, well actually they are kinda cool'.(I'll be adding more thumbnails to this when I got a chance)

Helen Noel for V3 02 by mylochka Helen Noel_work in progress by mylochka  Orion Dancer 05 by mylochka 7 of the Stars by mylochka 7of9 Alcove by mylochka Behind you! by mylochka Cheron Noir by mylochka

3. In the original run of Star Trek, there was no grand final episode to celebrate the end of the run.  If you were create a special last episode for Kirk and crew, what plot elements would you include in your script? Reading

A Romulan fleet has been in unknown space for years, it has been going around the Federation hiding in uncharted territory - the plan to launch a surprise attack on the other side of Federation space, away from the Romulan Neutral Zone.  The Enterprise happens to be deep space exploring and comes across this fleet, they can't take them on by themselves, so without being discovered by the Romulans they have to head back toward Federation Space to warn them.  The Romulans discover the Enterprise and pursue, damaging it, the Enterprise seeks refuge in a system with a dilithium mining station.  Echoing his negotiations with the miners in "Mudd's Women", Kirk has to convince these miners that the Romulans are on their way and persuade them to out-fit their ships with weapons and join the Enterprise in a stand against the Romulans.

Earlier Kirk and Spock should have a disagreement, one that is not resolved and later they are separated from each-other and their is a cliffhanger as to if they will ever see each-other again. Yes, fuel for the Spirk slashers, but there you go.

Enterprise is damaged in Romulan attack, miners come through...Kirk and Spock re-unite with a hug and disagreement resolved.  Enterprise's damage prompts her return to Earth for TMP refit.

4. Pretend that studio executives have decided that there should be a new Star Trek series and have picked you to come up with ideas for a pilot episode.  What idea for a new series would you pitch?:funnydance: 

I really don't think Studio Executives deserve to hear my pitches.  Plus, I've kinda stopped thinking of Star Trek in terms of 'a TV show'.... It. Is. REAL!!!! I created it...and it is REAL!!!  I'm an Institutionalised Fanboy.  Just make Star Trek: Outpost exactly as it is in the radio-drama, but as an animated show like Star Wars The Clone Wars.

5. How do you feel about the J.J. Abrams Trek movies? Facepalm

I feel they just don't offer anything new or fresh to Star Trek. Stringing together a bunch of scenes ripped-off from other movies and adding a bunch of quotes/references from various Star Trek films/episodes is NOT film-making or storytelling.  The first film was a mess that was boring and insulting to the mass audience, let alone the fandom. The second film was simply the writers giving the finger to everyone who pointed out all their mistakes from the first one.  So I'm just marking time until the rest of the fandom buys a clue.

6. If the events of "Where no Man Has Gone Before" had not happened, how would the presence of Gary Mitchell have changed the relationship between Kirk and Spock? :monkeyinthemiddle:

I think there would be more conflict between Mitchell and Spock, not the playful banter that Spock and McCoy enjoy, but a real clash of personality between the two, with Kirk caught in the middle.

7. Back to art -- Imagine some aspiring young artist is picking up Poser or DAZ Studio for the first time.  What advice would you give him or her? :sneakpoke:

Keep plugin' away at it. Don't give up. There is nothing like having an outlet for you creative ideas, it's rare that a day goes by and I don't have Daz Studio open for something.

8. If you could magically develop one new artistic ability (such as suddenly being able to sculpt perfect likenesses of cats or something equally useful) what gift would you wish for? 5 seconds hug

The ability to ask the girl at work, whom I have a crush on, out on a date, without scaring her or being rejected...there is a real art to that.

9. What's up with these kids today? I mean, sheesh, back in my day....OMFG pointing couldn't just put an (i) infront of something and instantly make it look cool.  Toys were real toys and not a flat slab of tech that could be mistaken for a place mat at the dinner table.  If you were out and you wanted to make a phone call, you needed to find a big red box and remember the number of the person you wanted to call...

10. To best please my watchers, what sort of render should I do next? Green ladies? Blue ladies? Helen Noel looking cute? Sulu in a Volvo station wagon with a Boston Terrier wearing Spock ears? Poke!!  :poke: V2 :fastpoke: v2

Mylochka is really tempting me with 'Helen Noel looking cute',  however I would like her to do a completely new 'original crew in the Star Trek universe', because you can never have enough fan-made starship crews populating the Trekiverse(s).  Any era she likes, but no establish in TV show ship or characters (with the exception of a favourite character crossover). I want portraits, groups shots, ships shots, adventure shots, posters, fan fictions....I want the works.

My Questions & tags to follow...oh Cliffhanger! :pokeback:


United Kingdom
I, Trekkie.

If you've got this far it's no surprise that I'm a Trekkie. I saw Star Wars when I was around four and that was it, anything with space ships, laser guns and swords and sorcery that came my way I devoured. Of course, Star Trek, wasn't far behind and it was my Mum who got me to watch Star Trek saying I'd like Mr. Spock.

So Star Trek was present in my childhood, but it wasn't until I was about 12 that I really got into Trek in a big way. I burned myself in an accident a few days into what was an extended two week holiday from school. So it was a trip down to the hospital, and after that I got spoiled :D for the two week holiday and part of that was renting Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season 1), and that was it. After that everything I had to have was Star Trek, and it didn't matter which generation it was.

At the moment I am in very much a Star Trek phase, although I do other artwork which I may post here at a later date when I've organised it. The Star Trek phase I'm in at the moment I think is due to a number of things, my obsession with creating characters with Daz's Victoria & Michael 4, the increasing amount of stuff available for Star Trek art, sets, props, uniforms etc., and my writing of my own fan fiction Star Trek Caliburn.

Writing is something I want to get back into, so hopefully my blog here will start filling up with some articles and essays, in a effort to kick-start my story writing again.


Time Travel Vs. Demensional Shift? 

10 deviants said Time Travel :wow:
6 deviants said Demensional Shift :faint:



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